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Habits/Addiction are an obsessive, uncontrollable and often harmful attachment to an activity or behaviour – something that gay men often find themselves caught in.

Sex addiction is the term used to describe any sexual activity that the person feels is out of control. It is also known as sexual compulsion and sexual dependency. For now, let’s call addictions a ‘HABIT’ as you will notice it sounds lighter and possible to combat.

When a gay man has a sexual habit, ‘it’s as though they are compelled to seek out and engage in sexual behaviour to satisfy needs, despite the problems it may cause to their personal, work and social life.

Sexual activity may mean sex with a partner, but it may also include excessive masturbation, use of pornography, online chat rooms, phone sex, uncontrollably visiting saunas or paying for sex.

Having a high sex drive does not necessarily mean you have an uncontrollable habit. Neither does regular use of pornography, cybersex or other sexual activities. Regular engagement in sexual activity is considered healthy. It’s when you feel you can no longer control these actions that it may be a problem.

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