What does it mean to be an LGBT therapist?

I identify as a gay man and I’m a therapist = LGBT therapist. An Internationally (certified) Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist. The training I received is the only hypnotherapy qualification (UK) approved by The British Psychological Society. I received no training on being gay :o)

What makes me different from another LGBT Therapist?

I was a member of the cast on one of America’s leading award-winning TV drama’s. I’ve spent lots of time around drama and if we decide to work together – we safely create the drama that is preventing you from moving forward. Don’t worry, our work is not a drama class, you don’t need to act – I just need you to soak in the possible success of your results.

RainbowLeaf is an evidence-based practice exclusively for men.

As a sober gay man with experiences familiar to people within the LGBTQ+ community, I only specialise in specific areas where evidence proves the effectiveness of hypnosis. Therefore, I am able to invest my skills and expertise in the therapies I offer.


RainbowLeaf - Therapy for Men


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Turning over new leaves…coping with the ones you have.




ABC News

As seen on ABC News. Link to article to be posted shortly.

Gay Therapist for Men


London's Newham Recorder

I was interviewed by London’s Newham Recorder, on my return home to London after working in Hollywood for numerous years.



Award Winning TV drama - Grey's Anatomy

Featured in various seasons of award winning medical drama – Grey’s Anatomy.

Gay Therapist for Men


Travel Weekly

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Me in 60 seconds (deep breath)

I was born and raised in London and, as a student, I rarely excelled in school. Except for drama studies. Along with a high percentage of teenagers, I started to smoke and continued to do so for over ten years. Later, in my drama studies, I needed to preserve my voice, so I quit smoking with hypnotherapy, which allowed me to excel in drama school, where I was awarded my Masters degree.

I relocated to America, where I worked in front of the camera, on stage, and voice-overs. During my years in California, my interest in the medical field began to peak. I trained and earned my Phlebotomy license and coached international doctors, prepping them for their foreign medical exams. Also, I coached law students at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. After a few years, I moved to New York City, where I continued coaching at New York Law School, New York University–School of Medicine, and New York Institute of Technology. Despite a lovely roommate, the cold winters were rough, so I returned home and began training nurses, doctors, and students at some of London’s leading hospitals in venepuncture and cannulation.

I graduated with a diploma from the UK College of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy as a trained Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist, and in April 2019, I celebrated my 15th year of living smoke-free.

In my experience, I’ve turned over many new leaves. I hope you’ll consider letting me help you do the same.

LGBT Therapist in London

I stopped smoking when I was ready; I know how smokers feel

Like 85% of smokers, I too started smoking at a very early age. I tried to quit cold turkey – didn’t work, I wanted to scare myself – didn’t work, I tried all the gums and nicotine patches – didn’t work.

My health was deteriorating slowly, and I realised I was paying for this luxury?. I went to see a hypnotherapist in April 2004, I walked in a smoker and out a non-smoker – that worked!

Ever since that day, I always thought about how I want to be able to help others stop smoking for good. More than a decade later – I get to ask smokers what they will you do with their one and only precious and exciting life – no one has ever answered that they want to continue to be a smoker.

I specialise in hypnosis for quit smoking in London, Brussels, Berlin, California and New York.

Serious about change

The Hoffman Process helped me to discover the fabric of my essence. By freeing myself to make conscious choices that helped to improve my relationships with myself and the people around me. During the Process, I was taught tools and techniques to help change the old behavioural patterns that prevented me from feeling fully alive.

As a Hoffman Graduate, I can clearly identify if you might be playing out patterns that no longer serve you a definite purpose.

Training Approved By The British Psychological Society

You may have realised that I only offer a small selection of therapies – this is because I personally didn’t want to treat in a subject that I had no experience in being involved in or witnessing.

Besides, I didn’t want to offer therapies where there was no evidence to demonstrate it’s effectiveness.

Therefore, it was crucial for me to select my training at a school where there was evidence to prove the efficacy of the therapies I now specialise in.

I graduated with a diploma in Hypno-CBT® from The UK College of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy – the only provider where training has been approved by The British Psychological Society.

I was thoroughly in safe hands – you will be too.