Male enhancement hypnosis is available to men experiencing premature ejaculation (cumming to fast), erection problems (not getting hard enough) or inhibited sexual desires (not feeling horny, attractive or focused during sex).

One of the reasons for sexual problems for gay, bi or straight men could be medical, another underlying reason and cause of sexual difficulties can be psychological and emotional. Embarrassment is understandable. However, let’s put that on hold for a moment and focus on how to improve your situation with effective and natural treatment.

Meet me below:

”I believe that any therapist that has experienced the concerns that they treat or improve has the groundings to be able to successfully identify with what you are experiencing and what they treat.” – RainbowLeaf

What to expect?

  • Aims to access part of the mind where unconscious learning takes place. To change the thought patterns and behaviours that are causing the problem.
  • Hypnosis is natural and uses the power of suggestion.
  • Programmes are tailored to your problem.
  • Entertain what triggers the issue and how to deal with them effortlessly.
  • Hypnosis for male enhancement can help to reduce stress, anxiety and rebuild an enjoyable sex life – effortlessly.
  • Hypnosis can improve your problem by removing any mental pressure that surrounds intercourse and performance anxiety.
  • Techniques to trust your body and ignore the negative record playing away in your mind.

Tell me more!

  • Hypnotherapy sessions will depend on your individual circumstances, as well as any symptoms and life experiences.
  • If you have experienced a traumatic event or suffered a negative sexual experience, hypnotherapy can help guide you on the journey to put a band-aid/plaster on any wounds. Please note I can not treat anyone with a history or active PTSD.
  • Through specialist techniques, you will learn how to move your mind past any relevant insignificant thoughts and into a colourful positive cycle.
  • You may also be taught self-hypnosis techniques, which you can refer to whenever you feel you need to, long after your sessions are over.

Watch how male enhancement hypnosis can benefit men:

Conditions Improved with Hypno-CBT

Premature Ejaculation (PE)

Premature ejaculation (cum/shoot too fast) is the most common sexual problem for men. This is characterised by a lack of voluntary control over ejaculation (cumming/shooting). Although most men will experience this at least once during their life (often during the first sexual experiences) they soon learn ejaculatory (shooting/cumming) control. The condition can be associated with performance anxiety, depression, sexual repression and lack of confidence.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile dysfunction (also known as impotence) is a condition characterised by the inability to develop or maintain an erection. An estimated half of all men aged between 40 and 70 will experience it at some level. Impotence can be caused by several physical and psychological factors and may only occur in certain situations. If for example, a man can get an erection during masturbation, but not with their sexual partner, the cause may be psychological. Psychological causes include stress, anxiety and depression.

Inhibited Sexual Desire (ISD)

Inhibited sexual desire is the persistent loss of urge for sexual activity. It is typical for sexual desire to fluctuate during an individual’s life, though if the problem persists, it may be time to seek professional help. Decreased sexual desire has been linked to depression, fatigue, stress, anxiety or relationship issues and ageing.

Other concerns

  • Viagra – addicted or reliant
  • Porn – addicted or reliant

Serious about improvement?

The only exception will be if there is a physiological reason for your sexual concern or if you are taking certain medications. Your suitability will be assessed during your free consultation with me.

Typically treatment is over 6 weeks with 4 visits.

Since all treatment programmes are crafted to your personal concerns – the number of session visits will vary.

I don’t believe we can make an effective change with a set limited number of minutes per visit. I allow for our session to end naturally without clock watching. Programmes can then be received cost effectively without reducing quality.

It is, my focus is 100% on you.

In my opinion, numbers and percentages don’t mean anything to your session, so please remember to ask me this question when you benefit from your free consultation with me. I will give you my honest answer without distracting you with pointless numbers and percentages.

Let’s have a talk about what you want to achieve, and we can identify if it matches what I can help you with.

This should not be a concern for you – leave that to me. I will go over a few points before your session, so when you arrive, you will be focused on enhancing and improving your concerns. Give yourself the permission to hand any doubts (if any) to me…I can handle those.

I can’t be compared to the sound of my voice is mine, and no other gay therapist in London can sound like me. It’s vital that you are comfortable with the tone of a therapists voice.

In terms of training/experience, I can be compared to other evidence-based Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapists – however, only those that have had their education approved by The British Psychological Society.

I believe that a male therapist that has experienced the concerns they treat has the groundings to be able to identify with what you are experiencing. Despite the sexuality, you or your therapist identifies with.

Sessions are creatively designed to smartly provide me with the information I need (verbally) without feeling shy, embarrassed or exposed.


All fees are tailored to your personal situation. I will always strive to make sessions affordable for men – without the added stress of being able to afford it.

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